Hi my name is Denielle Bernauer
& Love Nelli is my beautiful clothing label. 
I live on the beautiful Central Coast, NSW Australia.
I am married to my best friend Terry and a mum to our
2 beautiful daughters Millie & Stevie.
I am the loyal servant of our Doggie Charlie. 
I am a MAKER
I love to make all the time, being a qualified Hairdresser,
Dress Maker and having a Diploma in Interior Design
means that creativity is part of my everyday life.
I love anything thats fun and creative.
My passion for Fashion & Jewellery came at a very young age
and I actually started to make Jewellery for my friends
when I was about 7 years old,
 making daisy chain necklaces for all in the neighbourhood .
My girlfriends & I made clothes for all of our Barbies
( Little did I know this was the begining!)
So my passion grew into a business and I couldn't be happier.
Nelli is my nickname given to me by my friends,
so when it was time to name the business
I thought what would I write on a card to a friend?
I'd write Love Nelli xxx
So thats how it happened. Love Nelli was born.
I love to design Fashion using bright colours and
comfortable easy to maintain fabrics. 
My focus is on us girls that carry weight!
I wanted a range that was Ontrend, Affordable, Comfortable
& that looks amazing on EveryBody! 
You know, I REALLY want to change the way we size 
our garments here in Australia! 
You know exactly what I am talking about ... 
Ordering that XXXL Dress only to have it arrive and that 
soul destroying moment IT DOESN'T FIT! 
A freaking EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA LARGE and it doesn't fit! 
THIS really messes with our heads! 
Its nuts! Honestly NO WOMEN wants to wear 
an EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA LARGE in anything! ( Unless its a glass of wine! )
No more! I mean it! NO MORE sizing that is redicuous! 
It is my mission to make sure we have 
REAL Sizes for REAL Women!
And that's a promise! 
I make all kinds of jewellery using lots of
colour, beads, tags, bling, chain, leather and much more.
Most of my designs are Bespoke,
so you can customise to suit your own need or style.
It is such a joy to offer beautiful, easy to wear stylish
fashion & Leggings 
that are designed for EveryBody!
We are size inclusive from Kids to a 26!
I have a lot of loyal & gorgeous customers that are very happy to shop online
with me as this range is superbly flattering for everybody.
I hope you love my designs as much as I love making them for you ..